Design Your Perfect Smile with Custom Veneers from Reading Dental

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life can begin to take its toll on the look and feel of our skin, hair and nails, and our teeth are no exception.

And even though it is all a part of the natural aging process (and we think you look great just the way you are) we understand if you are eager to revamp your smile! It may seem like an impossible feat now, but that’s probably because you haven’t heard about the perks of dental veneers, and how our expert team can have you looking and feeling your best in no time.

What Are Dental Veneers and How Do I Know If They Are Right for My Teeth?

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are placed over your natural teeth, giving them that clean, even and natural look that you may desire.

Below are just a few of the aesthetic benefits that veneers can provide:

  1. Correct surface flaws such as chips and cracks
  2. Conceal dark and stubborn stains
  3. Change the shape of your teeth, which is ideal for patients who have small, worn, irregular, pointed teeth

Veneers may be perfect you if you are looking to enhance the overall brightness of your teeth, straighten your smile, fix a fractured or chipped tooth, or close a noticeable gap.

It’s clear that dental veneers can solve a variety of aesthetic woes in addition to completely transforming your smile. Although, it is important to also point out that they can be a bit of a commitment, especially if your goals are purely aesthetically motivated.

A single veneer may make sense for you if you have sustained an injury to the mouth, however, if you are looking for a full smile makeover, four or more veneers are a common recommendation.

The Veneers Procedure:

Number of Appointments: Approximately two visits (depending on the number of veneers)

Below is a step-by-step description of what you can expect:

During your first appointment:

Step 1: Dr. Simons and his staff will take preliminary photos of your mouth, teeth and smile, as well as discuss your specific smile goals.

Step 2: Your teeth will be cleaned and Dr. Simons will determine the correct shade of the temporary veneer(s).

Step 3: A small amount of enamel will be removed to ensure there is sufficient room for the placement of the veneer.

Step 4: An impression of each tooth will be made and sent to a ceramist, so they can create your custom, permanent veneer(s).

Step 5: Dr. Simons will adhere the temporary veneer(s) in place to cover your prepared tooth.

Step 6: Before you leave, we will schedule your second and final appointment.

At Reading Dental, we take great pride in our quality care and customer service, and our craftsmanship is no exception. That is why we only partner with the very best ceramists when creating your veneer(s) or any other prosthetic for that matter. Our experienced ceramists will work on creating your veneer(s) immediately following your first appointment. This process can take up to ten business days.

During your second appointment:

Step 7: Dr. Simons will remove the temporary veneer(s) and clean your teeth with pumice and water.

Step 8: With delicate hands, the doctor will etch your permanent veneer(s), rinse them in water, and let them air-dry before cementing them in place to ensure an exact fit.

Step 9: Your new veneer(s) will be adhered to your tooth, hardened under a bright light, and polished.

With the proper post-treatment care, properly placed veneers can last you a lifetime. Here are three simple ways to preserve the quality and increase the longevity of your new and improved teeth.

  1. Be sure to brush and floss at least two times a day
  2. Regularly visit Dr. Simons for routine cleanings
  3. Avoid chewing hard foods directly on the surface your veneers. The porcelain material that most veneers are made of are actually prone to break under extreme forces, such as biting directly into a crisp apple or chewing on an uncooked piece of pasta.

Of course, no two patients, teeth or smiles are the same, so we want to meet with you in person to give you our best advice. To get Dr. Simon’s personalized professional recommendation, call us at 781-944-5020, or fill out our quick form on the right to set up your complimentary consultation.